With twenty five years experience in the media to draw upon, we are happy to offer a huge range of editorial, publishing and video production services. We are happy working in both conventional newsstand print and contemporary digital media, and would be delighted to discuss your requirements, whatever the project. 

We are currently producing Mini Magazine, a four weekly glossy newsstand magazine for Kelsey media. This involves researching, originating and commissioning original material, photo shoots and interviews, writing features and departments, liaising with design and advertisement sales.

With past experience at up to management level within consumer publishing companies, we can offer advice and hands-on guidance on everything from concept and design, to layout, writing style and suitability, and photography concepts for your planned or existing magazine title.

Natural Mumma was an online digital magazine that ran for 22 issues. The magazine grew out of the launch of a book and website, after the need for an ethical lifestyle magazine was identified.

We were responsible for every aspect of the magazine from its inception, including design and layout. All original material, words and photography, were produced in-house.

Spanner Addicts is an online multi-platform online magazine, centred around a YouTube channel with website and social media presence. We have published a single magazine, The Spanner Report, in PDF page turner format, but the focus for the project remains the hands-on videos.

As with all our projects, all aspects are catered for in-house. We handle everything from writing and photography, through design and layout, to all aspects of video production, including editing and publishing.

Whatever your project, we’re happy to discuss your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.